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The furore over the Oxford Corona vaccine, the Australian Imam said, "Haram," - Do not get the vaccine given to Muslims!

The disputed Imam of Australia, Sufiyan Khalifa, has released a video urging followers of Islam to oppose atrocities and fascism. In this video, he has slammed the people supporting the vaccine. He said that organizations that justify the use of the vaccine should be ashamed. He also targeted Muslim imams who signed a fatwa issued in support of the vaccine.

Sufiyan Khalifa further stated that Catholics have clearly taken a stand against this vaccine. They know that it is illegal, it is illegal. But, you stand with the government instead of opposing it? He should be ashamed of those who stand with the government against religion. The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of the city have written to the Prime Minister asking him to reconsider the deal to purchase 25 million vaccines.

Actually, these people say that the technique of making this vaccine is not religiously accepted. The Oxford University vaccine is grown in embryonic cells, which are removed before the drug is packed.

बेरोजगार नौकरी से परेशान हो तो सरकार ने आपके लिए 45000 से अधिक पदों पर निकाली भर्ती, 8th/10th पास करे आवेदन, यहाँ क्लिक करें